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What sets a fancy colored diamond apart from a regular diamond?

Aside from their beautiful, unique coloring, a fancy colored diamond is chemically different from a regular diamond. A regular diamond is composed of pure carbon, where a fancy colored diamond is composed of carbon and other elements. Learn more about the colors here.

What are the “4 C’s” of diamonds?

The 4’Cs are Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut. Learn more about these attributes of diamonds here.

Are your diamonds real or synthetic?

Each of our fancy colored diamonds is 100% real, both in composition and color, and certified by all the appropriate authorities. Our diamonds come with a certificate of authenticity and a lab test report from the Gemological Institute of America confirming all details about your diamond.

Are your diamonds ethically mined?

We guarantee that all of our fancy colored diamonds are mined without the use of child labour, violence, or destruction of environment. We do not source or sell "blood diamonds".

How many colors are there?

There are 10 base colors of fancy colored diamonds, although a great deal of our diamonds contain multiple colors. Learn more about the colors here.

What color diamond is worth the most?

Red diamonds are worth the most due to the unique circumstances required at the molecular level for them to form.

When I order diamonds, do I get them right away?

If we have them in our inventory - absolutely. If not, we can order them in for you. Just ask a member of our staff for assistance!

How do I get started buying fancy colored diamonds?

Feel free to browse our Investment page to get a glimpse into how investing in fancy colored diamonds can benefit your investment portfolio. If you like what you see, contact us today and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

Fancy Colored Diamonds - Hard Carbon Inc.Hard Carbon Inc. Fancy Colored Diamonds for Sale in Canada and the USA

Hard Carbon Inc. offers fancy colored diamonds for jewelry and more, selling fancy colored diamonds in Canada and the USA.

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