The Chameleon Diamond: The Most Mysterious of Diamonds

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One of the most exciting diamonds you can own is an incredible chameleon diamond. Conjuring up images of the cute little reptile that can change color to blend into their background, chameleon diamonds are a marvel of mother nature. It seems hard to believe but the little-known chameleon diamond can actually change color right in front of your eyes! At Hard Carbon Inc. we are industry experts in fancy-colored diamonds and are always thrilled to pass along our insider knowledge to our clients.  

Fancy colored diamonds the most unique diamonds you can purchase and are highly sought after – investing in fancy-colored diamonds can be one of the best investments you can make. The majority of fancy-colored diamonds hold their value much stronger than ‘clear’ or ‘natural’ diamonds and can even be a better investment than gold or silver. Chameleon diamonds are some of the most unique fancy-colored diamonds on earth. Diamonds can be versatile – while most people think that the only way you can alter a rough diamond is by the cut – it turns out that with a chameleon diamond there is much more to be realized!  

Chameleon diamonds come in the hues of grayish green and can change color to show hues of brownish to even orange and more vibrant yellow hues. Chameleon diamonds were first discovered in 1943 when a specialist realized a diamond he was cutting was changing as it was exposed to heat! Experts at the Gemological Institute of America then rigorously tested 29 diamonds to determine the exact difference between green diamonds and this new, color-changing, diamond. It was discovered that some green diamonds, when exposed to heat would permanently change colors – but what became known as chameleon diamonds would change color but be able to return to their original shade. It was also discovered that some of these chameleon diamonds also changed color when kept in the dark! 

It’s still not entirely understood what makes a chameleon diamond change color. The commonality among these diamonds is a very high amount of hydrogen and trace amounts of nitrogen and nickel within the crystal lattice of the diamond. Some chameleon diamonds have been known to glow after being exposed to heat – this has led researchers to believe that the diamonds must also have phosphorescent properties. 

It is not surprising that some of the most famous diamonds that have sold at auction have been chameleon diamonds. The Chopard Chameleon Diamond was an incredible 31.32 carat diamond that was cut into an oval shape; it was purchased by Swiss Jeweler Chopard in 2007 and designed into a ring by jeweler Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele who set it in a unique pavé setting. Chopard unveiled the ring at Baselword one year later. It is estimated to be worth $10 million and the largest chameleon diamond in the world. A smaller, but still beautiful diamond, was an 8.04 carat diamond and was nestled in a setting of pink pavé cut diamond in a ring and sold at auction by Christie’s. 

If you are new to the world of chameleon diamonds, it is an incredibly interesting journey! Many of our clients want to know - how can I tell if a diamond is a chameleon diamond? Testing of these diamonds is best done in a laboratory setting where a spectroscope reading along with an ultraviolet radiation test can be done to determine whether it is a true chameleon diamond. 

One of the most interesting aspects of chameleon diamonds is their rarity. It is almost impossible to know how many chameleon diamonds are currently in circulation – this is because many ‘green’ diamonds could be chameleon diamonds, but they haven’t been exposed to the right level of heat to change color! 

At Hard Carbon Inc. we have worked with clients to source these unique and elusive diamonds. Chameleon diamonds are often a once in a lifetime find and it takes a collector who has specific taste and collecting goals in mind. A subset in the fancy-colored diamond market, chameleon diamonds can easily become the center stone of any collection. Whether an investor wants to include it in a piece of jewelry or loose for pure investment a chameleon diamond is never a disappointment. As auction records show chameleon diamonds have a huge draw and with the right carat, cut and clarity an investment in a chameleon diamond can be a life-changing investment. 

Whether you are new to fancy-colored diamonds or are a seasoned investor Hard Carbon Inc. Can help you on your investing journey. We have a global network of clients which enables us to both source and sell fancy-colored diamonds more efficiently than any other diamond dealer. Call us today to speak to one of our experts to find the perfect fancy colored diamond today. 


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