Pink Diamonds

An Exciting New Discovery on Pink Diamonds!

At Hard Carbon Inc. we are experts in fancy colored diamonds and serve a broad clientele from around the globe and across North America. One of the most rare and valuable diamonds we love to source fo ... Read Post

Amazing Diamond

Amazing Diamond

An Amazing Diamond Found in Botswana - An exciting announcement - an estimated 1,098 carat diamond was found in Botswana. ... Read Post


Type IIa Diamonds

The diamond has a long and unique history. Its value has only grown over millennia and today more than ever the design of the most valued jewelry in the world revolves around the diamond. ... Read Post

Pink Diamonds

Pink Diamond Sotheby's

The diamond has a long and unique history. Its value has only grown over millennia and today more than ever the design of the most valued jewelry in the world revolves around the diamond. ... Read Post

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It has been a pleasure to get to know and work...

with Gerry Sumner over the past four plus years. He contacted me by phone on September 28, 2016, after the company for which he worked bought out the Canadian colored diamond company with which I had been doing business. I was immediately comfortable with Gerry's calm manner, the lack of pressure and his interest in my goals and my knowledge of colored diamonds... Continue Reading

Yours truly,


It is with pleasure I write...

a reference letter for Gerry Sumner and Hard Carbon Inc. I made my first diamond purchase from Hard Carbon Inc. on January 24 2020. Since then, I have purchased multiple diamonds from Gerry. The knowledge that Gerry brings in the field of coloured diamonds is quite extensive. He is very straight forward, honest and fair in his business dealings... Continue Reading



He is very knowledgeable in the industry that he is doing business...

I have been doing business with Gerry for over 5 years and he has been good to deal with.



I have been doing business with Gerry Sumner...

at Hard Carbon, Inc. since March 2013 and have made multiple purchases and exchanges in that time. I have found him to be honest, above board and keeps his commitments. For people who are looking for doing business in the colored diamond market I would recommend him without reservation. If you have any specific questions, I would be happy to provide my phone number to answer them.

Yours truly,


I have done business with Gerry Sumner for well over 4 years...

and purchased a number of diamonds on his recommendation. His knowledge of the market has aided me in my acquisition of numerous stones. He has sent me information on the market without my asking to keep me informed.



I have been working with Gerry Sumner...

since March 31, 2016 when I purchased my first diamond from him. Since that first experience, I have purchased and traded several diamonds and my portfolio has grown significantly. I have found Gerry to be excellent to work with and professional in all dealings. He has also provided what has proved to be excellent advice and timely feedback on my portfolio and the diamond market... Continue Reading

Yours truly,


I made my first purchase with Gerry Sumner...

at Hard Carbon Inc on July 22, 2020. It has been a real pleasure working with Mr. Sumner. He is very knowledgeable in the field of colored diamonds and has taught me a great deal about the subject. He has been instrumental in helping me set up a solid investment strategy which includes colored diamonds.

Mr. Sumner's passion on the subject of rare colored diamonds is evident and really shines through with every conversation. His expertise is second to none and I look forward to working with him for many more years to come.



I have been dealing with Gerry Sumner for about 7 years...

and with Hard Carbon since it opened their doors. I have referred other investors to Mr. Sumner (Hard Carbon) for colored diamond investing. I have always found Mr. Sumner to be honest and performs transactions in a timely manner. I have found Mr. Sumner to give an accurate picture of the colored diamond industry and also Hard Carbon to not only just sell you products but to also liquidate holdings if the market is favorable to the individual's situation... Continue Reading



The purpose of this letter is to express my appreciation...

for your advice and counsel in upgrading my diamond collection over the last two years. Under your guidance we have jointly converted a portfolio worth one million dollars into an investment valued at more than three million dollars. Based on my experiences in purchasing and selling diamonds, your knowledge of the diamond industry and business acumen are outstanding and have been invaluable to me... Continue Reading



I have dealt with Mr. Gerry Sumner...

through his entity, Hard Carbon for several years. In each and every such instance, Mr. Sumner has delivered the items as represented. I have found all of my dealings with Mr. Sumner to be satisfactory.

Very truly yours,


I wanted to express my thanks...

for finding a new home for my colored diamond jewelry that had been on the market for over two years without any interest. You were able to find an interested party within weeks after we first spoke. That was fantastic. You were upfront with the actual value of the diamonds, by showing me comparables of other like diamonds and their values... Continue Reading

Thank you very much,


I've had the pleasure of dealing with Hard Carbon, Inc. for some time now...

This company is so refreshingly different from other diamond-related companies in Canada that it was a huge relief to find it. Elsewhere, a hard-sell modality with wildly exaggerated claims as to current values and future appreciation was the norm. To the point that, however much I had previously nurtured a fantasy that Canadian firms must necessarily be honourable and upright in ethics due to the common-sense... Continue Reading



I have been a client of Gerry Sumner since April 15, 2016...

I can confirm that I have made many purchases with Gerry and each time he has delivered goods as agreed on in a timely manner. Gerry receives, returns my calls and answers all my questions in a prompt and professional manner.



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Our colored diamonds are
graded on standards set by the GIA.

  • Carat

    The weight of the diamond.

  • Clarity

    The type and number of inclusions.

  • Cut

    The shape and cut of the diamond.

  • Color

    The hues & tinges of the diamond.

Fancy Coloured Diamonds for Jewelry
  • Orange Diamonds

    Blue and yellow light cling to specifically arranged nitrogen atoms, providing it with a unique fancy orange diamond coloring.

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  • Yellow Diamonds

    A common color that is caused by nitrogen atoms. Unlike orange, atoms in yellow colored diamonds for sale don’t need a specific arrangement, due in part to their similarity to carbon atoms.

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  • Green Diamonds

    Unlike other diamond colours, green diamonds for sale in Canada and the USA get their colouring after formation from direct alpha, beta, and gamma particle radiation. The deeper the green, the rarer the diamond.

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  • Purple Diamonds

    While it’s not certain exactly how fancy purple diamonds in Canada are formed, they are an extremely rare & valuable colour of diamond.

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  • Pink Diamonds

    Much like red diamonds, the colouring is caused by a deformity in the structure that refracts light and absorbs green light, shining throughout the fancy pink coloured diamond.

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  • Violet Diamonds

    A hard to find diamond colour, when found, they tend to be small. While fancy violet diamonds for sale are a colour of their own, their chemical composition is a combination between blue and purple.

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  • Brown Diamonds

    Along with yellow & orange diamonds, brown diamonds in the USA and Canada get their colouring from nitrogen, as well as defects in the crystal’s structure.

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  • Grey Diamonds

    High amounts of hydrogen in the diamond’s composition cause it to absorb each colour of light equally, sort of how mixing each colour of paint with a bit of white makes grey.

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Our goal at Hard Carbon is to provide you with our many years of experience and expertise, and guide you towards the best fancy colored diamond - whether it’s to wear on your finger, or fill out your investment portfolio.

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