Our colored diamonds are
graded on standards set by the GIA.

  • Carat

    The weight of the diamond.

  • Clarity

    The type and number of inclusions.

  • Cut

    The shape and cut of the diamond.

  • Color

    The hues & tinges of the diamond.

Fancy Coloured Diamonds for Jewelry
  • Orange Diamonds

    Blue and yellow light cling to specifically arranged nitrogen atoms, providing it with a unique fancy orange diamond coloring.

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  • Yellow Diamonds

    A common color that is caused by nitrogen atoms. Unlike orange, atoms in yellow colored diamonds for sale don’t need a specific arrangement, due in part to their similarity to carbon atoms.

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  • Green Diamonds

    Unlike other diamond colours, green diamonds for sale in Canada and the USA get their colouring after formation from direct alpha, beta, and gamma particle radiation. The deeper the green, the rarer the diamond.

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  • Purple Diamonds

    While it’s not certain exactly how fancy purple diamonds in Canada are formed, they are an extremely rare & valuable colour of diamond.

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  • Pink Diamonds

    Much like red diamonds, the colouring is caused by a deformity in the structure that refracts light and absorbs green light, shining throughout the fancy pink coloured diamond.

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  • Violet Diamonds

    A hard to find diamond colour, when found, they tend to be small. While fancy violet diamonds for sale are a colour of their own, their chemical composition is a combination between blue and purple.

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  • Brown Diamonds

    Along with yellow & orange diamonds, brown diamonds in the USA and Canada get their colouring from nitrogen, as well as defects in the crystal’s structure.

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  • Grey Diamonds

    High amounts of hydrogen in the diamond’s composition cause it to absorb each colour of light equally, sort of how mixing each colour of paint with a bit of white makes grey.

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